Foundation Class 9th and 10th PCMB Combo(Video Lectures + Study Material)

Foundation Class 9th and 10th PCMB Combo(Video Lectures + Study Material)

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Overview of Foundation Class 9th and 10th PCMB Combo(Video Lectures + Study Material)

Video Lectures Format -

USB: You will receive a pen drive consisting of video lectures covering 9th and 10th syllabus for PCMB.

Online: You will receive exclusive online access to all video lectures in streaming format.

Study Material Format -

Print: You will receive 14 printed books - 12 books divided into topics for PCMB and 2 catering to Mental Ability and Science Project. Mental Ability – It focuses on sharpening your analytical, reasoning and logical skills. A gauge of one’s intellectual abilities, reasoning enables you to understand ideas and concepts better and arrive at a logical conclusion. The book covers 20 topics categorized into two sections – Verbal and Nonverbal. Science Project – This provides hands-on experience reinforcing your confidence level. There are 62 experiments covering various topics of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology (PCMB).

USB: You will receive 68 ebooks (176 MB in total) in PDF format for PCMB including ebooks on Mental Ability and Science Project. These can be accessed on your laptop or desktop.

Video lecture + study material + validity

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Table of contents

Study Material - Stopics covered in Physcis

Book 1 - IX Std


Force & Law of Motion

Gravitation and Flotation

Work, Energy and Power

Book 2 - X Std




Sources of Energy

Book 3 - X Std



Force, Work Energy and Power

Modern Physics

Study Material - Topics covered in Chemistry

Book 1 - IX Std

Matter in our Surrounding

Atomic Structure

The Language of Chemistry

Elements, Compounds & Mixture

Gaseous States

Study of the First Element - Hydrogen

Book 2 - X Std

Mole Concept and Stoichiometry

Periodic Table

Chemical Bonding

Chemical Reactions and Equations

Acids, Bases and Salts

Book 3 - X Std



Analytical Chemistry

Organic Chemistry


Hydrogen Chloride

Study Material - Topics covered in Mathematics

Book 1 - IX Std


Triangles and Quadrilaterals

Area of Triangles and Quadrilaterals

Construction of Triangles

Mensuration - Cube,Cuboid and Cylinder

Book 2 - IX & X Std

Real Numbers

Linear Equations in Two Variables

Quadratic Equations


Circumference and Area of a Circle

Compound Interest

Book 3 - IX & X Std


Co-ordinate Geometry



Surds and Logarithms

Book 4 - X Std

Progression and Series


Mensuration -Cone and Sphere

Heights and Distance



Commercial Mathematics

Study Material - Topics covered in Biology

Book 1 - IX Std

Fundamental Unit of Life


Diversity in Living Organisms

Why do we Fall Ill

Improvement in Food Resources

Origin of Life

Book 2 - X Std

Life Processes

Control and Co-ordination

Reproduction in Organisms

Heredity and Evolution

Our Environment

Management of Natural Resources


Biotechnology and Its Applications

Study Material - Topics covered in Mental Ability

Book 1

Series Compilation


Alphabet Test & Number Ranking

Mathematical Operations

Puzzle Test

Seating Arrangement

Blood Relations

Direction Sense Test



Logical Venn Diagram

The Calendar

Clock Test




Study Material - Topics covered in Science Project

Book 1

Experiments in Physics

Experiments in Chemistry

Experiments in Mathematics

Experiments in Biology

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