JEE Main & Advanced Study Material- 2017 & 18

JEE Main & Advanced Study Material- 2017 & 18

Overview of JEE Main & Advanced Study Material- 2017 & 18

Student will get printed study material for JEE main and Advanced Physics, Chemistry and Maths

Table of contents

Study Material - Topics Covered in Physics

Book 1 - XI Std

Units, Dimensions and Errors

Motion in a Straight Line

Motion in a Plane

Forces and Laws of Motion

Work, Energy and Power

Book 2 - XI Std

Centre of Mass and the Law of Conservation of Momentum

Rotational Mechanics

Simple Harmonic Motion and Elasticity

Fluid Mechanics

Book 3 - XI Std


Waves on a String

Sound Waves

Kinetic Theory of Gases and Thermodynamics

Heat Transfer

Calorimetry and Thermal Expansion

Book 4 - XII Std

Geometrical Optics

Wave Optics

Electric Charges, Forces and Fields

Electric Potential and Capacitance

Book 5 - XII Std

Current Electricity

Moving Charges and Magnetism

Electromagnetic Induction

Alternating Current

Book 6 - XII Std

Modern Physics

Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity

Semi-conductor and Communication System

Experimental Physics

Study Material - Topics Covered in Chemistry

Book 1 - XI Std

Stoichiometry and Redox Reactions

Atomic Structure

Gaseous State

Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry

Book 2 - XI Std

Chemical Equilibrium

Ionic Equilibrium

Nuclear Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry

Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry

Book 3 - XI Std



Alkenes , Alkynes

Book 4 - XI Std

Alkyl Halides and Aromatic Compounds

Periodic Table and Periodicity

Chemical Bonding

s-block Elements

p-block Elements

Book 5 - XII Std


Chemical Kinetics

Solid State

Solutions and Colligative Properties

Surface Chemistry

Book 6 - XII Std

Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers

Aldehydes and Ketones

Carboxylic Acid and Derivatives

Amines and Aromatic Compounds Containing Nitrogen

Book 7 - XII Std

Biomolecules and Polymers

Practical Organic Chemistry

Co-ordination Compounds

Extractive Metallurgy

Qualitative Analysis

d and f-block Elements

Chemistry in Everyday Life

Study Material - Topics Covered in Maths

Book 1 - XI Std

Basic Mathematics

Quadratic Equations and Inequalities

Sequences and Series

Binomial Theorem

Permutations and Combination

Book 2 - XI Std

Complex Number

Trigonometric Ratios, Identities and Equations

Straight Line



Book 3 - XI Std



Relations and Functions

Limits, Continuity and Differentiability

Mathematical Reasoning and Statistics

Book 4 - XII Std




Solutions of Triangle

Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Methods of Differentiation and Applications of Derivatives

Book 5 - XII Std

Indefinite Integration

Definite Integration

Differential Equations

Area Under the Curve and Linear ProgrammingVectors

3D Geometry

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