List Of Best Books For CBSE Class 11 Chemistry

Best Books For CBSE Class 11 Chemistry is required for the purpose of self studying and preparing for upcoming competitive exams. Mainly NCERT books are recommended for strong basic preparation. If you finish preparation from all the Best Books For CBSE Class 11 Chemistry then take up online mock tests. Additionally make sure that you solve practice questions after each chapter. This might really be helpful! Predict the short answers which can be asked for either 1 mark or 2 marks. Later you highlight such points for every topic you study. Make use of these highlights during revision.

Chemistry is again an important wing of science subjects. Chemistry is the branch of science which deals with matter composition. As a matter of fact all the topics covered under chemistry subjects speaks about properties, reactions of substances to form a solution or new substances. Moreover CBSE syllabus is prepared by considering all the above topics and covering them in detail.

Recommended Best Books For CBSE Class 11 Chemistry

  • CBSE 11th NCERT textbook serves as the basic textbook.
  • Pradeep Chemistry 11th class book as reference guide.
  • Dinesh Objective Chemistry recommended for objective type of questions.
  • IIT Chemistry by OP Agarwal
  • Organic Chemistry book by Morrison and Boyd
  • Numerical Chemistry or Physical Chemistry by P Bahadur
  • Numerical Chemistry or Physical Chemistry as optional by R C Mukherjee.

Most importantly avoid referring to all books listed above. Choose one among Best Books For CBSE Class 11 Chemistry as text book and remaining ones as reference books depending upon the availability of time. Do not mess up your preparation with too many books. Plan and study in an organized manner.

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Finally to point out, regularly check out the updates for recent CBSE Class 11 materials download. Thereupon, we provide all the required study materials, video lectures and free downloads. In order to best support your preparation, we have all resources available. As a result of the above Best Books For CBSE Class 11 Chemistry, should put you to right track and ensure that you reach your goal to bear the deserving fruits of success. CBSE class 11 preparation related information is available in detail. So, in order to know more  you can follow our upcoming blogs and then get updated. Happy Learning 🙂

August 18th, 2017
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