CBSE Class 10 Last 5 Year Question Paper Solution

CBSE Class 10 Last 5 Year Question Paper Solution

CBSE Class 10 Last 5 Year Question Paper Solution: The CBSE board strives to make education accessible for every student. Under the aegis of experienced academic experts, the board designs syllabus, question papers and sample papers for all subjects of class 9. The syllabus for English, Hindi, Maths, Science and Social Science subjects are structured in such a way that it conveys the subject matter clearly and concisely to students. A well-evaluated syllabus describes each and every topic of textbooks with marking scheme. By using an updated syllabus, teachers can teach subjects appropriately to students. Along with this, students can also start their studies a little early. The CBSE board also includes various academic activities in the syllabus so that students learn subject in different forms. Group discussion with peers, periodic tests and home assignments are some of the useful academic activities that help students one way or another in learning a subject thoroughly.

CBSE Class 10 Last 5 Year Question Paper Solution

CBSE Class 10 English

The CBSE board designs each and every study material keeping in mind the ongoing educational needs of students. The primary objective of the CBSE board is to impart quality education to students so that they can readily accept the future challenges. It is a proven fact that with proper knowledge and skills, students can scale new heights of success in their career. With this objective, the board designs syllabus precisely for students and also gives them better learning facilities. English is included in the syllabus as a language subject. It is a compulsory subject for students of each grade. Based on the CCE pattern, the CBSE English class 9 is categorized into two parts one is English Communicative and another is English Language and Literature.

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2016 Question paper

2016 Question paper solution

2015 Question paper(Set 1)

2015 Question paper (Set 1)solution

2015 Question paper(Set 2) 

2015 Question paper(Set 2)solution

2014 Question paper

2013 Question paper

2013 Question paper solution

2011 Question paper

2011 Question papersolution

2010 Question paper

2010 Question paper solution

CBSE Class 10 Last 5 Year Question Paper Solution

CBSE Class 10 Mathematics

The CBSE board has emerged as a reputed name in the education field. With the support of subject experts, the board designs a well-evaluated syllabus of CBSE math for class 9. The board conducts a thorough research on current educational requirements so that students can acquire abundant knowledge in math subject. Apart from this, the board also conducts periodic tests from time to time so as to gauge students’ knowledge in maths. Math is one of the essential subjects as it enhances logical and reasoning skills of students. A good grounding in math can surely help students to attain their career objectives in an effective manner. The students, who struggle with math problems can practice sample question papers and can enhance their mathematical skills up to certain extent.

CBSE Class 10 Last 5 Year Question Paper Solution

CBSE Class 10 Science

The CBSE board ensures total quality and accuracy while designing science syllabus for class 9. To maintain the education standard, the board adds new and updated subject matters in the syllabus at regular intervals. With the help updated CBSE class 9 science study materials, students get knowledge about various scientific concepts including nature of matter, study of cell, universal law of gravitation and many more. A study of science subject makes students aware about world in a detailed manner. In class 9, students are required to learn and understand various concepts of biology, physics and chemistry. Science is an interesting subject as it gives practical knowledge along with theoretical concepts.

CBSE Class 10 Last 5 Year Question Paper Solution

CBSE Class 10 Social Science

The CBSE board gives students updated and accurate study materials in order to make their academic background strong. With the assistance of subject experts, students learn social science subject in a detailed manner. Besides this, the teachers also evaluate students’ academic performance from time to time so as to brush up their knowledge in social science. The new CBSE class 9 social science syllabus is based on the CCE pattern. With this pattern, the board will try to help students with their learning difficulties and also provides them necessary guidance. Social science gives students a deeper understanding of the society where we live. In class 9, the board has added important topics of history, geography and civics subjects in the syllabus.

CBSE Class 10 Last 5 Year Question Paper Solution

CBSE Class 10 Hindi

The CBSE board prepares class 9 Hindi syllabus in line with the defined educational norms and standards. By conducting rigorous research on the current educational requirements of students, the board provides valuable study materials. Hindi is a language subject and it is added as a compulsory subject for class 9. The subject matters for Hindi subject are categorized into prose and poetry, which gives students interesting learning experience. Hindi is an official language of India and it is used as a language of communication in various parts of the country. Based on the CCE pattern, the CBSE Hindi class 9 syllabus is designed by highly qualified subject experts.

CBSE Class 10 Last 5 Year Question Paper Solution

CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit

Sanskrit is the primary liturgical language of Hinduism; a philosophical language of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism; and a literary language and lingua franca of ancient and medieval South Asia.[5] As a result of transmission of Hindu and Buddhist culture to Southeast Asia and parts of Central Asia, it was also a language of high culture in some of these regions during the early-medieval era.

Sanskrit Last Year Question Paper Solution are available for download. For now, only two chapter solution are available. The rest of the chapters will be available soon.

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2016 Question Paper(Set 1)

2016 Question Paper(Set 2)

2015 Question Paper

2014 Question Paper(Set 1)

2014 Question Paper(Set 2)

2013 Question Paper

2012 Question Paper

2011 Question Paper

2010 Question Paper

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