CBSE Class 4 Social Science Solution

CBSE Class 4 Social Science Solution

CBSE Class 4 Social Science Solution : Education is a powerful instrument of change and the key to preparing learners for global challenges. Global citizens must essentially be lifelong learners equipped with willingness to learn constantly while engaging in collaborative teamwork replete with positive attitude.

The CBSE international (CBSE-i) aims to

  • Build learners with a positive attitude
  • Create lifelong learners who enjoy learning to learn
  • Craft confident individuals who are able to live healthy and productive lives
  • Empower individuals with good citizenship values
  • Strengthen the learner with Life Skills Education
  • Equip learners to face challenges of the present world
  • Prepare confident individuals with strong physical and emotional health

In classes III to V students study Social Science through a combination of History, Geography, Social and Political Structures.

The Social Science curriculum aims to develop in students an understanding and evaluation of the social, political, economic and environmental dimensions of the world, and help them formulate and justify arguments in response to a diverse range of issues.

Broad Objectives of Social Science
The students will develop ability to :

  • build up the skills and acquire information using an enquiry process.
  • take active, responsible and informed roles as learners.
  • build up the skills of citizenship in the context of local and the global world.
  • acquire and sift information obtained through verbal, visual and electronic texts.
  • identify, select and evaluate critically the sources of information
  • participate in meaningful research related to social, economic, environmental andpolitical structures.
  • initiate investigations and gather information from various sources
  • analyze areas and store information to synthesize and communicate
  • apply the information gained and skills obtained to different situations andcontexts
  • plan and implement action individually or in groups
  • reflect on their own learning
  • fulfill the social responsibility expected and participate in social and civic life.
  • solve problems and make informed decisions leading to responsible action.

Specific Objectives of History

The student will develop ability to

  •  appreciate cultural and historical aspects
  • familiarize with chronological changes that have occurred over a period of time
  • learn about inventions or scientific theories that happened in the past and have an impact on our present life
  • acquire knowledge about the theory of evolution of human race

Specific Objectives of Geography

The student will develop ability to:

  • appreciate the need of shelter, community, food and water to stay alive.
  • know about the means to conserve natural resources
  • provide complete information about geographical aspects of one’s country
  • identify important physical features on map
  • explore the universe beyond the sun, the moon and the stars
  • have detailed understanding about flora and fauna
  • understand the ways to protect environment and living things

Specific Objectives of Social and Political Structure

The student will develop ability to:

  • understand the need of living together in a community and importance of social organization
  • know about relationships and interdependence between different genres of society
  • possess awareness about socio-political set up of the country
  • examine the various factors influencing the structure of society
  • understand the interface between science ,society, technology and the environment

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The primary curriculum aims at enhancing children’s natural desire and strategies to learnthrough the integrated, interlinked and interwoven approach combining all the disciplines together. The CBSE-i curriculum recommends weaving all the areas of learning into one string to promote aesthetic and personal awareness and the ability to express oneself in different ways and styles. The enquiry and skill based approach contributes to the trans-disciplinary structure both for the local and global comprehension. This ensures developing curiosity, enjoyment of learning and achievement in young children.

At the Primary level, language learning is skill and enquiry based, with an emphasis on students discovering and constructing their own knowledge, under the guidance of teachers.

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