Hand Boiler by Tedco Toys

Hand Boiler By Tedco Toys

Institute: olatopper
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Overview of Hand Boiler By Tedco Toys

You can boil liquid with your bare hand! hand boilers are looped and twisted glass sculptures containing liquid that will boil as heat is transferred from your bare hand. fascinating and pretty!

Contributors & Project Kit Details of Hand Boiler By Tedco Toys

Institute olatopper
For Age Group 7+
For Class Class 12
Category Chemistry Learning Kits, Science Kits, DIY Kits, School Project Kits,

Material: Glass

Height: 6.5"

Width: 1"

Depth: 1"

Hand Boiler by Tedco Toys
Hand Boiler by Tedco Toys

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29 Aug, 2016
Good toy, good price
This is a very good toy, and it was very cheap. It works well. It actually does not work based on Charles's Law, despite what the package says. Charles's Law applies to ideal gases and it states that volume is proportional to absolute temperature. The difference between room temperature and hand temperature is only about 292 K vs. 305 K, which is only 4 or 5% and is not enough to cause the effect you see. In fact, this toy works because it is filled with ethanol, which has a much higher vapor pressure than water, and the vapor pressure increases dramatically with temperature in the range of room temperature and hand temperature. The amount of vapor, in moles, will increase at least 10% or 20% when you hold the toy. One piece of evidence is that applying heat only has an effect if you apply the heat directly to the liquid. If you touch a portion of the glass that is in contact with vapor then you will see no effect. This is not conclusive evidence because liquids conduct heat much better than gases.

29 Aug, 2016
Very happy
Worked as described, decent price, quick shipping, arrived intact (my mail carriers can be a bit rough, but this was adequately packaged so thankfully no damage!), and provided a good deal of entertainment to the child it was given too, as well a fair number of adults! It also provided an excellent starting point for a science lesson, but if you want to use it as a teaching tool be aware that mine at least didn't come with anything that would explain the principles behind how it works. Nothing that a quick quick internet search couldn't fix though!
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