Light Crystal Prism 4.5 by Tedco Toys

 Light Crystal Prism 4.5 By Tedco Toys

Institute: olatopper
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Overview of  Light Crystal Prism 4.5 By Tedco Toys

create a world of rainbows with this larger, 4.5" light crystal prism. turn the prism into a real kaleidoscope by placing one of the four included design triangles at the base of the stand and looking through the top of the prism to view the splitting spectral colors. although the prism is totally clear, the angled walls turn the insides into mirrors, allowing for light to wildly bounce around within its structure.made in usa.

Contributors & Project Kit Details of  Light Crystal Prism 4.5 By Tedco Toys

Institute olatopper
For Age Group 5+
For Class Class 1
Category School Project Kits, Physics Learning Kits, DIY Kits, Electronics Learning Kits, Electricity & Magnetism Learning Kits, Science Kits,

A light prism that creates rainbows and doubles as a kaleidoscope

Encourages sensory awareness and an understanding of how light works

Refracts light into vibrant rainbows

Teaches about how light bends and works

Works as a kaleidoscope with 4 colorful pop-out triangles

 Light Crystal Prism 4.5 by Tedco Toys
 Light Crystal Prism 4.5 by Tedco Toys

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K. Bonner
29 Aug, 2016
Does anyone remember how magical a rainbow is?
I'm not sure what the expectation level is of those considering purchasing this prism, but I recall being handed these during science class when I was in elementary school and thinking that they were the coolest thing ever! My daughter, who is still young enough to believe that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, recently watched an episode of the Magic School Bus which dealt with light refraction and, this summer, saw her first atmospheric rainbow following a rainstorm. So I decided to get her one of these for Christmas. She thinks it's as cool as I did when I was a child. On a sunny day, we sit this in her bedroom window to catch sunlight and cast rainbows in her room (she's just yelled downstairs to tell me that there's one in her room right now!). This prism works just as the ones we used in elementary school, and on the Magic School Bus worked; I suppose because the sun and prisms haven't changed much in these few years! It does not spray the room full of rainbows, but what happens with it is the same, amazing, beautiful, incredible thing that happened when I was a kid, and when Isaac Newton first used this tool to break apart sunlight to reveal every color known to man. That happens to be enough to impress me and my daughter.

Richard P. Prigan
29 Aug, 2016
Light Crystal Prism
It works great. I use it to spray colors on the wall. Light Crystal Prism is recommended for teaching about the spectrum.
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