Original TEDCO Gyroscope | Nostalgic Pak (Classic Science Toy)

Original Tedco Gyroscope | Nostalgic Pak (Classic Science Toy)

Institute: olatopper
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Overview of Original Tedco Gyroscope | Nostalgic Pak (Classic Science Toy)

Gyroscope toys are a metal wheel spinning inside a metal frame. when the wheel on a gyroscope is spun, the spinning motion of the wheel creates a force that resists any attempts to change its position. the wheel wants to keep turning at the exact same orientation. a helpful analogy: if you throw something with mass through the air, you know that it will take a force to change the direction of the object flying through the air. it’s the same with a gyroscope wheel. the wheel wants to keep moving in the same direction, (physicists call this phenomena “angular momentum”). the spinning wheel prefers to stay where it is and resists changes to its orientation

design principle:

for over 70 years, tedco toys company of indianapolis, indiana, usa has produced and sold gyroscopes all over the world. please note that this gyroscope is handmade, hand inspected and imported from usa to ensure optimum performance & usage. the design of this gyroscope has an intentional break on the outer ring, which will enable the flexibility of the frame and this design has not changed since its production in 1917. adjustments are necessary over time to keep the gyroscope in perfect working order.

Contributors & Project Kit Details of Original Tedco Gyroscope | Nostalgic Pak (Classic Science Toy)

Institute olatopper
For Age Group 8+
For Class Class 3
Category Physics Learning Kits, School Project Kits, Electronics Learning kits, Electricity & Magnetism Learning kits, Science Kits, DIY Kits,

Number of Puzzle Pieces : 1

Batteries Required : No

Batteries Included : No

Remote Control Included?: No

Color: Multi color

Item Weight: 100 g

Product Dimensions: 6.4 x 6.4 x 6.4 cm

Manufacturer's Minimum Suggested Age (years) : 8+


Originally produced in 1917, highly popular in the 1940s & 1950s

High quality gyroscope, cast, machined, painted and balance-fitted all by hand

Pull the string, watch the gyroscope spin, the tricks begin!

Develops fine motor skills & hand-eye coordination

Learn a little science, flex a little muscle

Demonstrates properties of gyroscopic inertia, angular motion, torque, rotational inertia and rigidity in space as first recorded by Sir Isaac Newton

Balance your gyroscope on string, on your finger, sideways, limitless applications

Fascinating play for all ages

Award: Parents' Choice Gold Award

Kit Contains

You get: Gyroscope, Pedestal/tower, Pull string. Complete set of instructions

Original TEDCO Gyroscope | Nostalgic Pak (Classic Science Toy)
Original TEDCO Gyroscope | Nostalgic Pak (Classic Science Toy)

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Original TEDCO Gyroscope | Nostalgic Pak (Classic Science Toy)?

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Dinesh Pandey
29 Aug, 2016
True gyroscope
True gyroscope with great precision. This is what I was looking for.

Janelle Fuller
29 Aug, 2016
Fun gadget
Great toy, fun for adults and kids. Bought it for my 9 year but my husband couldn't stop playing with it. My dad loved it too and plays to go buy himself one.

29 Aug, 2016
Gyroscopes are interesting for all ages
I actually bought this product as a demonstration of flywheel energy storage, but got some added value since there are two in one package. I took apart one of the two included gyroscopes to get just the central, spinning portion for my flywheel energy storage demonstration project, and it seems to be fairly good for that. I can use the other one of the pair to demonstrate the gyroscope as is, explaining about angular momentum and how it makes the gyroscope behave as it does. As far as the two uses go, the only downside of the gyroscopes is that their spin time is limited due to not being perfectly balanced and perhaps the type of bearing used in these gyroscopes. At the price, I paid, though, I really can't complain. I volunteer in a S.T.E.M. education effort in my community, and engaging kids with simple scientific toys is often a great way to get them excited and think about careers in science and engineering.
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