OWI Robotics 6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit

 Owi Robotics 6 In 1 Educational Solar Kit

Institute: olatopper
Rating - 4
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Overview of  Owi Robotics 6 In 1 Educational Solar Kit

mini solar building kits teach children the benefits of solar energy while they create a toy that is both fun to play with and requires no batteries. newest member of this popular line is the 6 in 1 educational solar kit, an excellent beginner building kit designed to teach how solar power is used to drive a small motor.

this do-it-yourself solar kit enables children to assemble the parts and transform them into six (6) different types of motor driven apparatuses actuated by solar power! projects include : solar windmill solar airboat solar helicopter solar robot solar airplane and solar wheeler. they stand up to 9" tall and work best in direct sunlight but may work under a very bright light bulb.

Contributors & Project Kit Details of  Owi Robotics 6 In 1 Educational Solar Kit

Institute olatopper
For Age Group 8+
For Class Class 3
Category Robotics Learning Kits, School Project Kits, Solar Power Learning kit, Remote Controlled Devices Kits, Electronics Learning Kits, Physics Learning Kits, Science Kits, DIY kits,

Assemble the parts and transform them into six (6) different types of motor driven apparatuses actuated by solar power.

Build projects like Solar Windmill, Solar Airboat, Solar Helicopter, Solar Robot, Solar Airplane and Solar Wheeler.

Improves dexterity, hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and experimentation skills.

Instills construction skills, creativity and engineering skills.

Creates awareness about the use of alternate energy.


Model Number OWI-MSK610

Number of Puzzle Pieces: 1

Assembly Required: No

Batteries Required: No

Batteries Included: No

Remote Control Included? : No

Color: multi color

Item Weight: 113 g

Product Dimensions: 18.4 x 5.7 x 21.6 cm


OWI products include 4 color retail boxes and instructions in English

Great for first time science experimenters Learn how solar energy can be used to generate electricity Illustrates how light energy from the sun can be transformed to electrical energy and mechanical motion

Another high quality solar education kit from owi Building these projects teach the benefits of solar energy while having fun

Build SIx different working models including an airboat, windmill, puppy and two different planes

Only one project can be completed at a time

Kit Contains

Parts included : 1 Mini Motor 1 Solar Panel 44 pieces of plastic snap-together components and of course an instruction manual. Educate and excite with Science

 OWI Robotics 6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit
 OWI Robotics 6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit

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 OWI Robotics 6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit?

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29 Aug, 2016
Lots of fun!
We had a lot of fun with this kit and built many different things with it. My 11 year old son even re-engineered the propeller to make it faster. This was worth the money! (If/when we get a 3D printer, we want to make new parts for it so we can extend the play value.)

R. Quesada
29 Aug, 2016
Ideal for kids that might be engineers in the future.
I already built all the 6 models and had a fun morning remembering my Lego and Lincoln Logs days. I didn't have a manual or guide, just checked the picture with the 6 models and worked with it, just the car baffled me for a while because at first I didn't know that the gearbox flap needed to be inserted into the chassis. So it is cheap (free for me!), fun, and a kid would learn about electricity, solar power, motors, motion physics... It is very easy to assemble, and a 8+ year old kid can do all the models fine. I got into an engineering college and have been working on the field for ten years precisely because my parents always got me toys like this, so I recommend this and other similar ones dearly.

Timothy Bailey
29 Aug, 2016
Great for Students
The educational solar kit was used for a short building project in my Robotics class. The students worked in pairs and were able to refine the work-ability of the project and test it against each other.
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