Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 Experiments Electric Circuit

 Snap Circuits Extreme Sc 750 Experiments Electric Circuit

Institute: olatopper
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Overview of  Snap Circuits Extreme Sc 750 Experiments Electric Circuit

give your child an exciting, hands-on introduction to electronics with elenco electronics snap circuits extreme sc-750. this kit contains over 80 color-coded, real circuit components that snap together to create working electronic circuits and devices. recommended for children 8 and older, this set offers over 750 do-it-yourself projects that will give your child an entertaining, concrete education on how electronics work. a computer interface option lets children view waveforms and frequencies.

create working electronic circuits

snap circuits comes with over 80 pieces to create over 750 different electronic projects. the pieces, which include snap wires, slide switches, resistors, an fm radio module, and a solar cell, snap together easily on the included plastic grid--no soldering required. each piece is numbered and color-coded to make identifying them easy. these components combine to create working circuit boards just like the ones found inside televisions, radios, and other electronic devices

view frequencies with computer interface

the sc-750 kit features a ci-73 computer interface for use with over 50 of the projects. with the included software and pc-interface cable, your child can view waveforms and frequencies, just like an electronics engineer.

for projects involving the ci-73 computer interface, your computer will need windows 95 or later and a working microphone input port.

simple, fun projects let kids learn while they play

with its easy-to-follow instructions, snap circuits gives your child a hands-on education in how electrical circuits work to run the everyday devices that they're familiar with. they'll also gain valuable lessons in building and in following instructions. the project manuals include large colour illustrations and simple directions for each project.

grow as you go

because the projects are arranged in order of complexity, kids can build on their skills as they progress through the manual. the lessons start out with a simple electric light and switch project that demonstrates how electricity is turned on and off with a switch. further along, kids can put together an led flasher, a photo solar alarm, an electronic kazoo, and more.

design your own circuits

once children have mastered several of the techniques introduced in this kit, they can use the components to experiment and create their own customized circuits and electronic devices.

Contributors & Project Kit Details of  Snap Circuits Extreme Sc 750 Experiments Electric Circuit

Institute olatopper
For Age Group 8+
For Class Class 3
Category School Project Kits, Physics Learning kits, Electronics Learning kits, Electricity & Magnetism Learning kits, DIY Kits, Science Kits,

Better understanding about Electronics, Electricals,Circuits, fuses and much more.

Increases fine motor skills, hand -eye coordination, recognition of electrical components. Improves concentration, creative skills and Experimental skills.

Hands-on introduction to electronics. Create working electronic circuits and devices


Model Number: SC-750

Number of Puzzle Pieces : 80

Batteries Required : Yes

Batteries Included : No

Remote Control Included? : No

Color : multi color

Item Weight : 2 Kg

Product Dimensions : 11.4 x 39.6 x 51.6 cm

Batteries: 4 AA batteries required.

Manufacturer's Minimum Suggested Age (years) : 8+


Build over 750 experiments with 80 parts and easy to identify with color coding parts

Experiments included: Musical Doorbell, Lamp & Fan, sound activated switch, lie detector, adjustable light controller, am radio, rechargeable battery and many more

Parts included: Photoresistor, Power Amplifier, 5 different Capacitor, Resister, Analog meter, Solar cell, Computer interface, Full color manuals Snap-Circuits have received the following Awards: National Parenting Center-Seal of Approval, Creative Child –Toy of the Year

Toy Industry Association - Speciality Toy of the Year, Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products, Dr. Toy 10 Best Educational Products

Kit Contains

What's in the Box

Plastic snap-grid, 82 electrical components, 5 project manuals, software, and PC-interface cable.

The project list includes all of the projects in the SC-100, SC-300, and SC-500 kits and additional projects like a solar alarm, a rechargeable battery, and a vibration detector. With these projects, children will learn about electric switches, integrated circuits, digital circuits, fuses, and more.

 Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 Experiments Electric Circuit
 Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 Experiments Electric Circuit

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T. Flint Obrien
29 Aug, 2016
Wow! It's much better than I expected.
I bought this for my 8 yr. old daughter and I figured my 6 yr. old son could use it later.Well, we've had it a few days and my daughter has been playing more with "Secrets of the Master Magician: An Apprentice's Manual", which I also bought at the same time (another great gift). My daughter is interested in this and it's easy for her to put things together. My son is obsessed with it! It's similar (for him) to the Lego creatures he puts together. He needs a little help from time to time, but he can certainly follow the very well laid out diagrams. So far they've created an FM radio, a scifi noise maker, a sound detecting space noise maker thingy, a propeller that spins and flies into the air, a seven segment display, a volt meter connected to the solar cell. After connecting the solar cell, I realized my son thought the solar cell would come on like a computer screen or TV! After explaining it and putting my hand over it; now they both know what a solar cell does.There are 5 books of experiments. - Each project has a nice simple color picture of how to connect all the components. - All components are clearly marked. - The diagrams are a top view

The Good Life
29 Aug, 2016
Fantastic gift for curious kids
Despite the price tag, I bought this as a birthday gift for our highly intelligent, 10-year-old budding engineer, who was always complaining, "I'm bored." (Plus, he dismantles everything else he gets, therefore breaking it, so we thought, "Why not get him something he's supposed to tinker with?") Within minutes of opening the box, he was snapping circuits together and creating cool experiments. Every 10 minutes or so, he returned with a new "invention" and within an hour announced, "This is the BEST GIFT EVER!!!" He still loves it and enjoys trying different configurations. For his brother's birthday celebration this weekend, he had it perform "Happy Birthday" to everyone's amusement. There seems to be no limit to its applications, and my son is excited about learning what it can do.

Hammer Head
29 Aug, 2016
What a GREAT learning toy.
I've been looking at the Snap Circuit sets for several years now and finally purchased the SC-750 for my daughters 9th birthday. I was a bit worried she was too young for it but found that was not the case. She's already built the voice recorder, FM radio and doorbell projects and had a blast playing with each of them. The projects are really simple to build (I only helped with the first one) by following the detailed instructions and well marked components. She came home yesterday, did her homework and went right to Snap Circuits and began building another project (much better than watching the TV). I look forward to using the computer interface so we can actually learn (together) about electronics. I suspect this is one of those rare toys that that will not gather dust on the shelf.
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